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Key Membership Rewards

  • Partners are recognized as trustworthy associates of an official tourism body in the city which provides peace of mind to visitors. A key benefit of becoming a partner is being affiliated to the official tourism body of Cape Town.

  • Various events are hosted throughout the year so you get to meet and connect with our partners and fellow members.

  • Your business may receive online exposure through a listing on our website, the official tourism website for Cape Town.

  • Cutting-edge training is available to help businesses develop their sphere of influence.

  • Your products and services may be showcased at selected Visitor Information Centres around Cape Town.

  • Members receive regular newsletters and updates related to membership events, industry news as well tradeshow insights.

  • We provide assistance to international visitors who are involved in difficult situations whilst traveling in Cape Town. We’ve developed a programme that will help you help your guests, should the need arise.

  • Pre-negotiated discounted rates are available to partners for anything from accounting to appliances.

  • As a member you may receive comprehensive insight into the statistics of tourism in Cape Town.

  • Special advertising rates are available to members. Ad platforms include the website and the annually produced Cape Town Official Visitor’s Guide.